Lock Rotor Ratings

When started with full line voltage, AC motors draw line currents substantially greater than their full load running current rating. The actual magnitude of this current is called "inrush current." It is a function of the motor horsepower and design characteristics. It is also called Locked Rotor Current. This starting current is equivalent to the motors locked rotor or stall current and is 5 to 10 times normal full load current.

When the generator supplies this inrush of starting current, the generator voltage dips temporarily. If the motor is too large for the generator, the generator’s voltage dips greater than 30 percent. This may result in the motor starter de‐energizing or the motor stalling.

The following tables define the Generator Locked Rotor capabilities, at a maximum 30% voltage drop. Data is provided for both non‐PMG and PMG excited models.

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