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Athlon Generators

Now Manufactured Exclusively by WorldWide Electric Corporation.

Standby Operation

For use as a backup power supply option when your primary power source goes down.

    Continuous Duty Operation

    Supplying power continuously to local equipment as a temporary or remote/mobile option.

    All WordWide Electric Generators are designed and built in accordance with IEC 600341-1 & -2 requirements, BS4990 & 5000, NEMA MG1 2006, CSA, and CE and produced in an ISO-certified facility.

    General Industrial Applications

    AC synchronous generators are available in one or two-bearing configurations for industrial applications and are interchangeable with generators manufactured by Stamford®. Rated for standby or continuous duty, they create 60Hz power at 1800 RPM or 50Hz power at 1500 RPM. 

    Single & Double Bearing Generator


    • 4-2100 kW for industrial applications
    • Self-ventilated for reliable operation.
    • Motor frame sizes to fit your applications.
    • Epoxy-coated windings ensure a robust mechanical bond and help protect wires from harsh environments.
    • Bolted diodes eliminate the need for a soldering iron to check rotating diodes in the field.
    • Stranded lead wires provide a more reliable conductor when changing output configuration.
    • Essex wire is used for improved reliability and performance

    Single & Double Bearing Model Options

    • Single-Phase or Three-phase
    • Brushless 4 pole at 1800 RPM
    • Brushless 2 pole at 3600 RPM

    Pancake-style for Light Tower Applications

    Pancake-style generators are ideal for light tower applications. They are single bearing, capacitor driven, and offer single frequency as standard, but they also available in dual frequency models.

    Pancake-style Generator


    • Capacitor-controlled voltage regulation
    • Essex wire improves reliability and performance.
    • Self-ventilated for reliable operation.
    • Epoxy-coated windings ensure a robust mechanical bond and help protect wires from harsh environments.


    • 2-pole units, 60 Hz, 3600 RPM
    • 2-pole units, 50 Hz, 3000 RPM*
    • 4-pole units, 60 HZ, 1800 RPM
    • 4-pole units, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM*
    *Regardless of Voltage.

    Dual Frequency Model Options

    • 6 kW at 60 Hz or 5.4 kW at 50 Hz user selectable.
    • 8 kW at 60 Hz or 7.2 kW for 50 Hz user selectable.

    Single Frequency Model Options

    • 6 kW at 60 Hz
    • 5.4 kW at 50 Hz
    • 8 kW at 60 Hz
    • 7.2 kW for 50 Hz

    Learn more about WorldWide Electric and Athlon generators, our entire suite of motors, motor controls, gear reducers and generators  on our website.